Manufacturer of spare parts for pig slaughtering machines

The strength of a slaughterhouse is continuity and efficiency. Disturbances and interruptions, such as the exchange of spare parts in slaughter lines, are bottlenecks in the process. Therefore, it’s necessary to minimize the exchange of these spare parts.


Nijhuis MiTech can assist you with this. We are a manufacturer of a wide range of spare parts for pig slaughter lines, such as hog paddles (scraper blocks) and slaughterhouse chains. The products are made with the long Nijhuis slaughterhouse knowledge in the factory in Winterswijk and have a high quality and long life. Unexpected failures in the slaughtering process can be minimized and the production costs can be reduced.

Manufacturing custom made products is our strength. We make sure that the spare parts will always fit in your machinery. The products are purchased directly from our factory stock. This ensures a good value for money and speed of delivery!

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